4 Electrical Faults You Should Immediately Call a 24-Hour Electrician For

In this modern age, we all rely heavily on electricity. We use it for our jobs, leisure, communication, and practically for everything else. However, while incredibly useful, electricity also poses many safety hazards. And this includes electrical faults.

An electrical fault is caused by either the environment, failing equipment, or human error. It is a serious issue that should be dealt with immediately to prevent any damages to your electrical devices or components. More importantly, it should be dealt with urgency to save you and your family from electrocution or electrical shocks and even fire.

So make sure to contact a 24-hour electrician immediately when you notice any of the electrical faults below:

1. Leakage Current

If you have an old home, you will likely experience this type of electrical fault. A leakage current happens when your electrical insulations have already corroded or deteriorated. Thus, causing electrical current to escape either towards the ground or to a conductive element in its surrounding. In case of a leakage current, not only are you losing energy, but you are also at risk of a fire. Not to mention that the leaking current can cause electrocution or shock to you and your family.

2. Short Circuit

When there are two or more wires that shouldn’t come in contact with each other touches, this can result in a short circuit. In this case, the current flowing in your circuits will rise, causing damages to your electrical components. It may even cause your circuit breaker to trip. In worse case scenarios, your insulation may melt and start a fire.

Some of the common signs of a short circuit are burning smell, buzzing sound, burnt marking on an outlet, and sparks from an outlet. If you notice any of these, make sure to call a 24-hour electrician immediately.

3. Electrical and Cord Overload

An electrical and cord overload occurs when there are too many devices or appliances plugged into a circuit or cord. This can significantly increase the flow of current, exceeding the capacity of the cable or socket. As a result, your circuit breaker trips, starting a shutdown. When you don’t have a breaker in the circuit, this overload can cause a fire.

Aside from your circuit breaker tripping, other signs of an overload include a burning smell, burnt plug or outlet, and buzzing sounds from your switches or outlet. Your lights can also dim whenever you plug or switch on an appliance, or you may notice your devices getting unusually warm.

4. Arc Fault

An arc fault happens when you have loose or corroded wirings that make an irregular connection. This results in a spark, creating what seems to be an arc. In this situation, the temperature between the metal points gets extremely high that even hot gas electrodes start shooting in every direction. And as you can imagine, this may lead to a fire.

Arc faults can be very dangerous. At times, it can be fatal too. So make sure to call a 24-hour electrician when you notice a buzzing or hissing sound coming from a light switch or outlet.

Why Hire a 24-Hour Electrician?

Since electrical faults and emergencies can happen at any time, you must have a reliable and trusted electrician that you can always call. So even if the electrical fault occurs late at night or on public holidays, you can expect it to get fixed and dealt with immediately. Thus, saving you from further inconveniences or problems.

If you need a 24-hour electrician in Sydney, you can count on Electrician to the Rescue. We are open 24/7 and 365 days a year, always ready to fix your electrical problems. For more information, you can call us at (02) 8729 0772.

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