4 Instances That Require Professional Tree Removal

Having trees surrounding your home is beneficial and looks beautiful. They provide shade, create a wind barrier and even muffle noise. However, the time may come when you’ll need to have a tree removed. No one likes cutting down a tree, but it’s necessary if you find yourself in one of the following four situations.

Storm Destruction

A bad storm can change the look of your property in an instant. If you’ve been hit by violent wind, a tree can suffer enough damage to where it’s no longer safe to keep. Instead of attempting to remove it yourself, get expert advice from an arborist Marietta GA. This is the safest and quickest way to clear away a tree.

Diseased Tree

Unfortunately, even the healthiest looking trees can become diseased. Sometimes it happens slowly and you’ll notice the branches beginning to die from the bottom up. By the time you spot the change, it’s too late to be saved. Removing a diseased tree makes your land safer and more attractive.

Crowded Yard

If your yard contains too many trees, none of them will grow properly. Thinning out the area and letting in more sun will allow trees, plants and grass to grow the way they should. Having a crowded yard is one of the most common reasons for tree removal.

Property Damage

Many times when a tree is planted in a bad spot, roots and branches cause problems. Overgrown roots can lift up cement sidewalks and heave up driveways. Out of control limbs can also damage rooftops. If a tree is ruining your personal property, it’s time to take it down.

Eliminate Further Risk

Trees make any yard more appealing, but sometimes removal is necessary. To eliminate risk of further damage, always consult a professional to take it down. Once the offending tree is gone, you can select a new one to take its place.

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