4 Points to Settle Before You Buy Cherry Trees Online

You love cherries and love to pick up some whenever they’re in the local supermarket. What if you could have cherries whenever they were in season? If you decide to buy cherry trees online for the backyard, they will be yours for the picking. As you prepare to order the trees, it pays to keep a few basics in mind. Settle these four points and you’ll be on the way to ensuring those trees produce fruit for a long time.

Selecting the Location For Your Trees

While you know the trees will go in the backyard, have you selected the right location? Most varieties of cherry trees require what’s known as full sun. In other words, they need at least six hours of direct sunlight each day. Make sure the spot chosen will allow for this.

You also need to think in terms of whether one tree will suffice or if you need two. While some varieties don’t require cross-pollination to bear fruit, some of the sweeter ones do. If you’re going for the latter, make sure there’s enough space for each tree to grow while still being close enough to allow cross-pollination.

Understand the Merits of Bare Root Versus Potted Trees

When you go online to order trees, there will be two options to consider. One is bare root and the other is potted. Which option is best?

Bare root trees do offer some benefits to consider. They tend to settle in and begin growing faster than their counterparts that come in pots or other types of containers. That’s because they aren’t making a switch from the potted soil to the local soil. They’re normally planted while dormant, allowing time for the roots to settle in and begin to grow. By contrast, container trees may need more time to transition to the new setting.

Select a Variety With Care

In order to buy cherry trees online, you’ll need to decide on the variety that you prefer. Some varieties are sweeter while others are more tart. Your personal preferences will play a major role in deciding which variety to buy and plant.

Another factor to consider is the amount of chill hours associated with the variety is also a factor. Chill hours are the amount of time after cold weather that will pass before the tree begins to blossom. Some varieties have chill hours of 200 while others have chill hours of 800 or more. Opt for one that seems a good fit for the climate in your area and everything should be fine.

Don’t Forget to Treat the Soil

While much of your attention is on the tree and where to plant one or two of them, do give some consideration to the condition of the soil. In fact, it’s a good idea to have the soil analyzed before ordering anything. Once you know the nutrient content, it will be easier to treat it so the soil is ideal for the trees you want to plant.

Proper nutrition makes a big difference in how well the trees grow and eventually produce fruit. Just as you want to make sure the moisture content is within reason, do the same with the nutrients found in the soil. Begin treating it as you wait for the trees to arrive.

Remember that it never hurts to ask questions if you’re not sure how to select cherry trees or what to do in order to prepare areas for them. The more you know, the sooner those trees will begin producing fruit that you can pick any time that you like.

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