How to Allow More Sunlight Into Your Home

Flooding your home with plenty of natural light is an effective way to increase your mood and prevent seasonal disorders. If you have a dark and dreary house, consider some of these recommendations for either improving your current home or your next purchase. Continue reading to learn some practical tips and design techniques.

Install Skylights and More Windows

Skylights are a great way to shine more daylight into a room. Most roofs can handle a skylight installation, so this can be the simplest way to increase your natural light. Skylights are also great because they save space, leaving more room for decoration and shelving on your walls.

Obviously, the more windows you have in your home, the lighter it will be. If you don’t have very many windows, or they are too small, consider installing windows that face the morning sun. Garden windows are a popular and classy way to increase sunlight and add some foliage to your home.

Build a Glass Wall

Installing a glass wall is a dramatic and eye-catching way to increase your natural lighting. Replacing one of your walls with glass will allow you to appreciate the rainfall, watch the sunrise and improve your connection with nature. If you don’t want to install an entire wall, try an all-glass door to encourage more sunlight to shine into your home.

Use Your Balcony

When looking for your next house, try to find one that has an east-facing balcony. A balcony will encourage you to get outside more often and experience the fresh air. Also, you can have fun decorating it with hanging planters or however you see fit.

Natural light is a healthy way to get vitamin D and keep you in a good mood. You don’t have to commit to drastic home improvement projects if you are smart and pick the right spots in your home to expose it to more sunlight.

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