Making Your Home More Accessible and Safer

In life, we can find our levels of physical, mental and emotional ability changing. Physical changes can make interacting with our existing environment more challenging. With modifications to your home, you can create a more accessible and inviting environment for all levels of ability which is why you need to consider these updates to your home.

Wheelchair Accessibility

It is not surprising that many standard height tabletops, sinks and surfaces in our homes are not a conducive height for wheelchair users; however, these are essential areas of the home that we all need to access. Consider making some wheelchair accessible modifications like installing a wheelchair accessible sink to create a space where everyone can interact on their own.

Lighting and Light Switches

Make sure that all paths and rooms in your home offer sufficient lighting and that light switches are at heights that are reachable to those in the home. This can help everyone avoid potential injuries from poorly lit areas.


Ramps are a great option for those who may struggle with steps. By installing ramps instead of stairs or as a supplement, for anyone who is feeling unsteady or if you are unable to navigate stairs, you offer safer options.

Grab Bars and Handrails

Installing grab bars and handrails where someone may need the steadying assistance can be a great support. Whether this is in potentially slippery areas like bathrooms or by ramps and stairs, these supports can create safer and more navigable environments.

Assessment of Space

You may need to address these issues as someone’s needs change or as you become aware of issues. For many who have never had to deal with navigation, mobility or disability-related challenges, it can be a process in understanding and developing modifications to meet those needs and learn.

Your body’s abilities can change in time or due to illness or injury. This will sometimes require modifications to your space to better navigate; however, many will want to maintain dignity through the changes in physical abilities and it is essential to install options that allow for that.

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