Top 3 Winter Pest Problems

Some people assume that pests disappear especially during the colder months or winter.  The truth is, it’s not that they cease to live or exist. Rather, pests find shelter in places where they can still continue to survive—places where they can find the food, humidity, or warmth they need as the temperatures drop. Unfortunately, your household is the most likely dwelling that winter pests can easily invade.

Types of Winter Pests to Look Out For

Several pests continue to thrive inside people’s homes even during the winter months. Three of the most common pests that infest Pennsylvania homes are:


Rodents like rats and mice are such a nuisance especially during winter. The moment they infiltrate your home, you can expect damages in your belongings, house structure, and utility lines including electrical wires and plumbing system. Worse, these pests gnaw on almost everything, which is why they contaminate your food and cause the spread of harmful bacteria and diseases. There are other major reasons you want these disgusting pests out of your household. First, mice leave droppings and urine anywhere making your home to have such foul stench. Second, they grow their population so quickly and having large rodent infestation is the last thing any homeowner wants.


As its name suggests, Silverfish is shaped like a fish and is silver in color. While these pests can live both in the interior and exterior parts of your home, you can find them more often inside your household during the winter months. Silverfish especially creates damage to paper products like magazines and books, and synthetic materials and natural fibers. Since these pests chew on paper-based materials and have an appetite for oats, flour, starch, and paste among others, they easily get into food packages thereby contaminating the food. They also nibble on fabrics and even on toothpaste.

Stink Bugs

Stink bugs are overwintering pests that will start swarming your house by September to seek for warmer shelter.

Although stink bugs are relatively harmless since they don’t attack nor bite and are not disease-carrying pests, they can still be annoying due to their unpleasant odors and their tendency to contaminate food and clothes. These pests have low tolerance to cold and so they seek refuge inside your home to keep themselves warm and hibernate during the winter season. One thing you must know: the nasty odor that stink bugs emit serves as a signal sign or invitation for other stink bugs to join the population so they grow in size.

Be Safe this Winter Season!

If you do not want these pests to live under the same roof with you during winter, might as well seal and eliminate all entry points such as holes and cracks. You can also check the premises of your home and look for signs of infestation such as gnaw marks, droppings, foul smell, etc. Most of all, keep things like firewood and boxes in proper storage and do away with clutter to avoid attracting these pests.

To keep you safe this season follow these simple and easy procedures or call your trusted pest control professionals to inspect and treat them for a safe and sound winter season.


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