What Is The Best Way To Clean A Raindrop Chandelier

Chandeliers are one of the best decoration accessories that helps beautify your home. These attractive pieces come in appealing designs, shapes, and sizes. To maintain its beauty, it is required to clean them regularly. One should do it properly as a little carelessness while cleaning can lead to an accident.

In this article, we will tell you the safe way to clean a raindrop chandelier.

Clean It During The Daytime

Cleaning the chandelier is a difficult task. There are several precautions that you need to keep in mind. Always clean the chandelier in the daytime. You can choose any time to clean it. However, cleaning it in the broad daylight makes your task easier. Also, it avoids the use of any electrical appliances that can prove to be dangerous at the time of cleaning it.

Sofary is one of the leading firms that have more than ten years of experience in manufacturing superior-quality chandeliers. This product not just looks beautiful but is made in accordance with the highest quality standards.

Turn Off The Lights

Another thing that you need to remember is to switch off all the lights in the room. This will prevent you from getting a shock. If you accidentally touch the chandelier while the light is on, then it can be fatal for your hand or fingers.

If you have turned off the light just before cleaning the raindrop chandelier, then allow it to cool down. Failing to do this, can burn your fingers. To ensure safety, you can seal the switch with tape so that no one can turn it on accidentally.

Spread A Blanket

Now once the switches and electrical appliances are off, place a blanket or carpet under the spiral chandelier. So, even if the crystals fall, they don’t get damaged. They will all fall on the blanket. This will prevent them from breaking.

A chandelier is an expensive accessory. By taking these precautions, you can maintain them in the best state. Choose a dark-colored blanket if you have a spiral raindrop chandelier. This will make it easier to locate the crystals when the pieces fall.

Spray The Solution

Now comes the actual cleaning part. For effective cleaning, prepare a homemade cleaning solution. You can easily prepare it at home. You need only two ingredients to prepare it- water and alcohol in equal amounts.

Pour this solution into a spray bottle. Wear a hand glove to avoid burning your fingers. Now take a ladder of adequate length so that you reach the chandelier conveniently. Spray the cleaning solution on the chandelier and clean it using a damp cloth.

Dry The Chandelier

Now, this is the last part of the cleaning of the chandelier. After you have cleaned the chandelier properly, you should not allow it to dry. Do not touch it while it is wet as it can leave fingerprints or spots on its surface. Dry the chandelier under the fan. Once it is properly dried, you can start using it normally.


Chandeliers with drops and crystals are very alluring. But when they get dirty, they look unwelcoming. An unclean chandelier can drive people away. With these above ways, you can keep your chandelier sparkling clean all the time.

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