Why Walls Should Be In Harmony With The Color Of The Wallpaper

A combination of floral peel & stick wallpaper with striped trim or a cage will look quite impressive in the interior. Strict geometric patterns will perfectly smooth out flowing and rounded floral lines. Floristry rules are used not only when drawing up bouquets. Each of the plants has its own unique energy, which is taken into account when drawing up a design project. Some flowers can cause a feeling of oppression and discomfort in a person, while others will give even the most ordinary-looking room a special coziness and comfort. Feng Shui science is often used. It allows you to design a living space in such a way that each individual owner can feel protected and peaceful and the highlighted benefit is easy and removable wallpaper. Modern designers also often use this science in their work, with some personal additions.

These flowers are considered selfish, their powerful energy simply does not tolerate any other rivals, including in the interior. A room with red roses will look very catchy, elegant and even definitely beautiful. If you use white flowers, then they will have a calmer effect, they are chosen by gentle natures. Such a print can be used for a children’s room or bedroom, ideally combining with a background of pastel shades, too bright colors can simply ruin the atmosphere of comfort.

For large prints, choose one or two walls.

Walls with large drawings are always visually approaching us, so the room looks smaller than it is. If the room is with a small area, then too large flowers will simply strongly affect the psyche, causing irritation. Remembering all the combination rules is extremely difficult, especially for an ordinary person. Special palettes of combination of shades, which can be bought in almost any hardware store, will help to significantly simplify the task. Thanks to such a selection of combinations of shades, you can create a harmonious and comfortable interior for perception.

The correct combination of patterns and other shades. If you have chosen floral wallpaper for only one of the walls, then for other walls, monochromatic shades are chosen, and those that would repeat exactly the shade of the flowers, but not their surrounding background. In other words, if the blue cornflowers are located on a white background, then the rest of the walls should have wallpaper or be painted exactly in cornflower blue. It is also permissible to use neutral shades for the rest of the walls – gray, cream, white, etc.

Speaking about the nursery, we can safely mention the experiments – the introduction of bright colors into the room that add positive and joyfulness. Children love colorful paints, and a variety of all kinds of colors can satisfy the tastes of absolutely any child. However, you should not choose large flowers, otherwise the room will look too colorful and aggressive.

The process of wallpapering is simple and even brings pleasure to some. Do not forget to use a damp sponge to walk along the joints of the canvases. This will improve their attachment to the wall and

remove excess adhesive. Remove the glue from the ceiling immediately: otherwise, stubborn stains will appear. Do not open windows and doors in the room until the adhesive is completely dry. Otherwise, the wallpaper may peel off the wall and large bubbles will appear.

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