Four Dwarf Fruit Trees That You Can Grow in Your Backyard

Fruit trees are a delightful way to add colour to your landscape. They also provide fresh fruit, which brings nutritional value to your diet. If you’re looking to partake in these benefits, here are some dwarf fruit trees in the UK that you can grow in your own garden.


Smaller varieties of apple trees will add fragrant, attractive blossoms to your garden. You can grow apples in nearly every shade with their varying flavours right on your patio. If you’re excited to make an apple crisp this fall, you’ll need to pick a cultivar that is heavy cropping with great-quality fruit.

If you’re more enthralled by the look and aroma of apple blossoms, you can pick a variety that is self-fertilising. These trees will more readily reproduce, leading to more flowers on the plant.


Nothing warms your soul quite the same as a bite of pear bread on a dreary day. Concorde pear trees can easily be grown in your residential garden. Their sweet flesh has a delightful texture, making them easy to incorporate into sweet and savoury dishes. The fruits will become ripe for picking around October, just in time for the chill to set in.


There’s a reason why people say, “plum delightful”. Plums are tender, juicy fruits that can be eaten right off of the tree from whence they are picked. With their rich purple hues, plums add a gorgeous pop of colour to the landscape they grow in.

Chris Bowers & Sons has many varieties of plum trees available for sale. Their products are excellent plum trees that are high yielding and very hardy.


When you’re researching dwarf fruit trees for sale, you have to consider getting a peach tree. Roasted peaches, peach pie, peach tea, and more can be right at your fingertips if you consider growing a peach tree.

Don’t fret over whether you’ll have enough room in your garden for a fruit tree. There are genetically dwarfed peach tree varieties that keep their growth low whilst still producing bounties of fruit.

There’s no question that growing a fruit tree in your landscape will benefit your life. For a small monetary investment, you can soon enjoy fresh fruit on demand. Chris Bowers & Sons is the most trusted resource for purchasing dwarf fruit trees in the UK.


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