Tips for Uncorking A New Restaurant

Owning and running a restaurant or other major hospitality business is hard work. Even if you close one day each week, your staff will take the day off but you will engage in preparations for the coming week. In other words, you need to be passionate about what lies ahead if you choose to open a new restaurant; you can make that passion work for you if you are willing to measure out some major details that will help you prepare for your first dinner rush.

Scout for Your Location

Sadly, some restaurants that may serve innovative food and offer good service are destined to fail if they set up in the wrong location. You need to find a place that has good traffic flow, is in proximity to regular events and activities and offers substantial parking. Over time, positive word-of-mouth and reviews will cause diners to seek out even a distant restaurant, but that reputation can take time to build. A new business may not have that much leeway.

Choose Fixtures Careful

Kitchen and dining room appliances and furniture will make up your largest initial investment. You should refrain from cutting corners in these areas; they will need to be able to handle industrial usage for years to come. Most importantly, your kitchen fixtures need to be chosen for reliability and safety, where grease and smoke can be of concern. For example, make certain to choose professional restaurant vent hood installation Queens NY for fire-safety peace-of-mind.

Hire Well

Invest as much time as you can in seeking out and interviewing quality servers and kitchen workers. Working conditions during a busy dinner or lunch are intense and rapid-fire. You need workers you can count on to show up for their shifts, provide professional customer service and move swiftly and efficiently. Look for employees who bring previous experience and demonstrate a good working knowledge of restaurant operations. Most importantly, hire a manager that can run the show when you are not around.

Contract a Menu Designer

Even if you and your chef have developed strong food and wine offerings, you need to be able to sell the goods. Consider hiring a professional menu designer who knows how to create a good graphical layout that appealingly describes the food and drinks served.

Of course, some of these starting tasks will be part of your business plan. No matter where and how you serve up your restaurant-planning tasks, however, you need to pay attention to the details; then you can raise a stress-free glass on your opening night.

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