Value Added Home Renovations

Renovating your home is a big decision and one filled with many exhausting weeks of hammering, dust and sometimes displacement. Once you’re finished, however, you’ll quickly forget the process and start enjoying your new, updated space. There are several renovations that you can enjoy now, and they will add value to your home in the future.

Kitchen Remodel

A kitchen remodel should bring your kitchen up to date while also making the space more useful and family friendly. If your kitchen is closed off, consider taking down a wall to create a more open concept feel or adding in a window to the outside to make it lighter and brighter. A custom home renovations Fairfax VA company can help you make sure that your remodel is in line with the rest of the house. In other words, you might not need a marble countertop when granite will do just fine for less money.

Bathroom Remodel

Everybody loves a convenient half bath for guests, so it might be worth your while to utilize that space under the stairs or a hallway closet for that purpose. If your bathroom fixtures are old, consider replacing them. Corroded, leaky faucets are an eyesore even if they still function. Replacing bathroom tile and switching out a scratched tub can update the look of your bathroom easily. And although a decorative glass bowl on a pedestal might make an eye-catching sink, don’t forget that most home buyers are more concerned about storage space.

Add a Deck

Outdoor living is in, so analyze your yard for a good area to place a nice deck. Create a space for a fire pit or outdoor kitchen if you can. Build in benches and corner planters, so the look is entertainment ready. Add some landscaping including shade trees, and you’ll have a great place for your family to enjoy as well as a selling point in the future.

Not all home renovations are the same. Weigh the ones you are considering on the scale of your enjoyment now and how they will add value to your house later.


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