3 Tips To Reduce Your Business’ Fire Risk

Fires cause over $1 billion in damage to businesses every year. These three tips can help you reduce your business’ fire risk.

1. Install Fire Suppression Equipment

Fire suppression equipment, such as sprinkler systems and kitchen hoods, can quickly douse localized fires and reduce the amount of damage caused or control the spread until the fire department arrives. Fire safety Rockland County NY, professionals can recommend the best fire suppression solutions for your needs and provide you with professional installation services.

2. Conduct a Fire Risk Assessment

You can better address your fire risks if you first do a thorough assessment of what those risks are. Begin your assessment by identifying the potential sources of fire. Next, you will need to identify the people and property at risk should a fire occur. Third, identify which hazards you can reduce or remove and then take steps to mitigate them. Fourth, make a fire plan and train your employees to execute it. Finally, periodically reassess your risks and adjust your plan where appropriate.

3. Maintain and Replace Your Wiring

Electrical wiring is a common source of business fires. You can reduce your risk of electrical fires by conducting regular maintenance and replacing wiring as needed. Periodically check power cords for frayed wires, broken connectors or cracked insulation. Make sure you are using no more than one extension cord per outlet and avoid cluttering wires and plugs around an outlet, as these practices can cause an overload. Have a qualified electrician regularly inspect your building to ensure your wiring is in good condition and meets current building codes.

Fires can cause significant damage to your business and threaten the safety of employees and customers. However, through regular inspection, maintenance and the use of fire safety equipment, you can reduce the risks of a fire at your business.

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