Everyday Pest Prevention Tips for Homeowners

The need to eliminate pests from the home becomes much more of a challenge when the temperatures rise and the spring and summer months are on the horizon. No matter where you reside there is no shortage of creepy crawlies seeking food and shelter and they’re going to target your home for these creature comforts.

You don’t have to stand for it. There are many different steps you can take to prevent these bugs and rodents from slipping into your house for an extended stay. It’s important that you make this a priority as an invasion of any magnitude could put you and your family at risk for various diseases and illnesses that these pests bring with them. It’s not just those itchy and uncomfortable bites, you could be gambling with your health in ways that may have an impact for the long term.

Don’t leave your family’s health and wellness to chance. The earlier you take the necessary precautions for eliminating these pests, the better off you can be at protecting what matters to you most. So keep these pest prevention tips in mind, courtesy of the Pest Authority of Williamsburg

Clean Up

We’re not suggesting you keep a dirty home but if you are seeing an abundance of pests, particularly rodents and nocturnal scavengers, you may need to take a little better care of the exterior of the home. Cluttered areas and any signs of litter or trash being left around are beacons of hope for pests as they will think you are all but asking for them to nest in and around the house for a free meal.

Mice and rats, even raccoons are going to think you have plenty to enjoy so don’t be surprised if you notice these pests lurking about. Mosquitoes are attracted to standing water as a breeding ground. So, do yourself a big favor and look around to see where detritus, garbage, and collected water might exist outside and possibly even indoors as well.

Clear away all of these unseemly elements and you’ll go a long way towards protecting your home from all manner of pests and vermin.

Choice of Lighting

That’s right, the types of light you have installed around the outside of your home can also have an impact on whether or not you’re unwittingly entertaining uninvited guests. There are many different types of pests attracted to light, mostly the flying kind that can bite and buzz around you and your family when you’re trying to enjoy some fun time outdoors.

Flies, gnats, mosquitoes, and moths are all going to come to your lighting and if you have the wrong type of lights near your deck or patio or pool you can expect them to be joining you in the revelry. But this doesn’t mean you need to be fumbling around in the dark just to avoid getting bitten and buzz-bombed by these airborne nuisances.

You can take action to ward off the scourge by placing colored light bulbs into your fixtures instead of standard white. Go for colors like pink or orange or even yellow when you are changing out your bulbs. That’s because flying pests aren’t as easily attracted to colored bulbs as they are to a bright white bulb.

So, if you notice you’re getting inundated by mosquitoes and moths in the evening, try changing out your light bulbs. Better yet, go one step further than merely putting in colored lights and install high-pressure sodium vapor or halogen lighting alternatives to really cut down on the number of pests who come to ruin your fun.

Shut Down Their Access

You may be seeing a rise in vermin and other pests in your home because you’ve all but laid out the welcome mat for them to enter and you might not even realize.

It’s happening in the many different possible openings that currently exist and while you may not see them at first glance you can be sure all of the neighborhood pests will find them quite easily. They’re getting in through small gaps, crevices, and other assorted openings that have emerged in the exterior of your home over time.

The trick now is to find these vulnerabilities and seal them up. In most cases it’s just a matter of applying some caulk but in other instances you may find that you’ve reduced the number of these openings with a window replacement job. So, take a good long examination of the outside perimeter of your house and see if you can find these open spaces.

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