Ways to Reduce Cost of a Heavy Digger

A heavy digger is equipment utilized to landscape, excavate, move, dig, demolish and grade earth. Examples of this type of equipment are backhoes and excavators. Such equipment is very helpful during construction projects; however, it is also very expensive. As a result, it is usually rented instead of purchased. Even this option tends to be quite pricey as well. Consider the following tips on how to decrease the costs of renting heavy digger equipment.:

1.Shop and Compare Different Heavy Digger Rental Companies

One of the best ways to reduce cost of a heavy digger is to shop around for better prices. The equipment may be the same, but you might find bettering pricing if you shop around. Some company pricing may be lower than their competitors. Thus, it is wise to shop around before choosing a heavy digger hire company. Do the following during your comparison analysis:
Shop for a company that offers flexible packages
Ensure the company has equipment other than heavy diggers. Not only can you save money on this type of equipment, you may save money when renting bulldozers and excavators if you get them all with one company.
Make sure these packages are available with equipment attachments. A smart way to reduce cost of heavy digger equipment is to get attachments such as grapples, augers, grading blades and augers at the time of rental. If you get them after this time, it requires a separate payment.
Consider these things and ask for quotes before committing to one company.

2. Get a Serviced Digger

Wouldn’t you hate it if your equipment broke down during the middle of a project? You’d have to pay extra money to get it fixed. Hire a serviced digger so that you don’t have to encounter this inconvenience. Make sure the hire company inspects and services its equipment.
In addition, accompany the hire company during the inspection to ensure everything is okay with the equipment. Focus on things such as the undercarriage, attachment system, hydraulic system, electrical system and the controls. Make sure all the fluids have been replaced. You shouldn’t incur extra costs if the equipment is properly serviced and repaired before it is turned over to you.

3. Get an Experienced Operator

Often it is overlooked or ignored, but one of the best ways to reduce cost of a heavy digger is to get an experienced equipment operator. Yes, it may cost more money, but it is a wise investment overall. Consider the long run outcome. Not only will an experienced operator work faster, but also make fewer mistakes due to incompetence. This is a good thing if you don’t know how to operate a heavy digger. In addition, if a company operator damages the equipment, the company is responsible for making all repairs. This means no liability on your part.

In Conclusion

When it comes to construction and earth moving projects, plant hire is necessary. Use the aforementioned tips when hiring a heavy digger service company. We at FGS Plant can help you with all of your equipment hire needs, and we have flexible packages that are sure to meet your requirements. Not only do we offer competitive pricing, but we can also give you a quote upon request. If you have any questions about equipment hire, please contact us. We can take care of all of your heavy digger needs in a timely manner and at an affordable price.

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