AutoCAD is an advanced software tool that allows people to create computer-aided designs and drawings in the software itself. CAD stands for Computer-Aided Design in the software.

Many people use AutoCAD software, from engineers to architects and other professionals. Landscapers and other construction professionals rely on the software heavily as well.

Among the main reasons, the cost is the leading cause for many people to look for AutoCAD alternatives.

The 5 Best Free AutoCAD Alternatives

  1. FreeCAD
  • FreeCAD software, found at freecadweb.org, is one of the best free alternatives to AutoCAD software. Not only is the software free to use, but it also has an open-source; its source code is public and available for all for viewing, editing, copying, and distributing various files.
  • FreeCAD avails an excellent parametric 3D modeler that allows users to create 2D drawings and use them to create attractive 3D models.


  1. LibreCAD (2D)
  • LibreCAD is another excellent free alternative to AutoCAD for professionals who are working on 2D models. Since it is also open-source, like FreeCAD, it has many developers and users behind it who donate and contribute fixes.
  • LibreCAD was once earlier known as CADuntu, but only for a few months – it was renamed as LibreCAD. Still, sometimes users may see it referred to as CADuntu on some older blogs and forums.


  1. NanoCAD
  • NanoCAD is another free CAD software alternative to AutoCAD, with a silent catch. If the user uses the free version, they can only use it for educational and evaluation purposes. But on the counterpart, that will be enough for many people searching for a free AutoCAD alternative.
  • You do not need to go for any registration of an account to use the free version. However, one drawback is using the free version, and you can’t use it for profit or commercial purposes.


  1. OpenSCAD
  • As an alternative, it is a cross-platform software, being that it is available on major Windows, Mac, and Linux devices. The website might not look the fanciest and advanced, but it is free to use, so you can’t complain.


  1. QCAD (2D)
  • Another alternative, like LibreCAD, QCAD is a free and open-source software for two-dimension modelling. So, if you are looking for an accessible alternative to AutoCAD for 2D modeling only, consider using QCAD.


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