6 Ways to Build a Luxurious Bathroom

Want to build a bathroom similar to what you will find in a five-star hotel or a high-end spa? Read this post and we got you covered. We’ll share some tips on how you can achieve a more luxurious look and feel, making you not want to leave the bathroom!

  1. Pick the Right Tub and Sink

If you have generous space, consider adding a bathtub, which is an instant way to make the bathroom more elegant. Check out the freestanding bathtubs from Badeloft USA for some of the best selections that are available.

As for the sink, go beyond the traditional design. You might want to consider standalone sinks, including those that you can find at www.badeloftusa.com.

  1. Add Plants

This is one of the easy and affordable ways that will allow you to build a luxurious bathroom. It will not only allow you to add a splash of color, but it can also be effective in improving indoor air quality. Some of the best plants that will survive in the bathroom and instantly up its appeal include aloe vera, bamboo, orchid, spider plant, and snake plant.

  1. Light It Up

Lighting the bathroom the right way will also be critical in adding a hint of luxury. While natural lighting is best, you should also add lights that can combine both form and function. Task lighting, for instance, is needed so that you can see yourself properly in the bathroom. It will also be best to choose a light that can be dimmed, making it possible to create a soft illumination at night when you want to relax or when you wake up in the morning when your eyes still need to adjust to the light.

  1. Use a Rug

Many designers will agree that the floor is one of the most splurge-worthy when it comes to designing the bathroom. While you can choose expensive stones, a cheaper alternative would be adding rugs. They are equally luxurious but economical. It is even made better by the fact that you can have it easily changed when you want to achieve a new look. Choose fluffy rugs that will feel comfortable and luxurious when you step on it.

  1. Add a Seat

If you have a large bathroom, adding a seat is one of the fool-proof ways to make it look luxurious. Plus, it is also practical since you will have somewhere to sit when you just need to relax in the bathroom.  Whether it is a garden stool or a tufted ottoman, it is sure to make the bathroom look grand.

  1. Don’t Forget the Scent

Making the bathroom luxurious is not only all about how it looks but also about how it smells. For a more romantic setup, consider adding scented candles. Using natural odor absorbers will also help. You might also want to consider adding scented reed diffusers or a bowl with dried flowers.

Making your bathroom the epitome of luxury does not need to be complicated and expensive. Take note of the things mentioned above and make your private sanctuary more elegant.

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