How to Find The Best Painters And Decorators in The UK

At a time when the country is going through acute deficit of skilled workforce in construction, especially of skilled painters and decorators who are thousands less than what is required, finding the best painting and decorating solutions for your home is not easy. We know that when the renovation bug bites a person, he just has to see it come to life sooner rather than later. And stuff like planning, strategizing or holding it out for the best time or offer rarely seem like an option. But you just can’t go on hiring any local painter or decorator you meet in the market or come across online. After all, you are going to invest a significant sum of money and time and it’s your right to get the best return on your investment. Here are some tips for finding the best painters and decorators for your job: Go for rated and recommended builders: Builders – painters, decorators or anyone – hired online are rated and reviewed by their customers for their work and behaviors. A tradesman – however cheap – is rated low for a reason and not for some hidden vengeance of the customer. Maybe he does a bad job or chances are he is rude and greedy. Please check all the ratings and reviews of a painter you are going to hire before extending him the contract. In case you are looking to hire offline, words of mouth and recommendations by friends and family is what you can and should count on. Come what may, never hire a decorator or painter who has no qualification – like CSCS Card – to show for his work. Beware of cheap, desperate or dodgy painters and decorators: Before you give in to the temptation of hiring a cheap painter, ask yourself a question “why he is ready to work for less than the market rate?” Maybe no one is hiring him and he sees an opportunity in you, chances are he comes with some hidden charges to make up for the deficit. Be careful. You must also be cautious of painters who are ready to start working immediately. More often than not they turn out to be dodgy by not showing up at the promised time and date. Similarly, painters and decorators who offer cash deals or use other high pressure sales techniques are best avoided. A good painter will always give you a detailed quote: So what separates expert painters and decorators from those not so well? They don’t give you a quote – let alone beginning the work – without visiting your property. Once they have seen the condition of the property, and known what you want out of them and at what cost, they will be better able to recommend what should be the best way forward. The trick is to shortlist few certified painters before finally selecting one in order to get best value for money. Make sure you get the quote in written, with specified tasks details and timeline. This way you can claim and get compensation should some dispute arises. A detailed quote will also clarify if there are any hidden charges like VAT, parking or weekend-working present there.

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