What is Hardwood Refinishing?

Who doesn’t love hardwood flooring? It is versatile, it is gorgeous and it is durable and fantastic in any space. That being said, when hardwood floors are old, when they are worn, or when they have a high amount of traffic. When your hardwood is used often or when it does have a great amount of wear and tear it can become worn looking, it may have the finish worn off, and it can look less than perfect. There are options however that are far simpler than replacing hardwood that is worn or outdated that can help you save money and get a gorgeous floor.

What is Hardwood Refinishing?

When it comes to giving new life to hardwood, refinishing it always a great place to start. Refinishing stars with the removal of the top layer of varnish or sealant from the hardwood. If you want to change the color of the wood you can stain it while it is unsealed. If the wood has worn or uneven spots you can have it sanded and leveled out to help make it smoother and more even. After that, you do have to have it sealed back to help make it water-resistant and make it smooth and safe to walk on.

Hardwood refinishing is a great way to get your floors back in great shape without having to spend a fortune to completely replace your floors or take out old floors. Refinishing can give your floors a great new look and can help you to have the floors that you have always wanted for a fraction of the price. Refinishing is also a great way to help reuse older hardwood floors and to give them a new life where they were once old and less than appealing.

Can all Hardwood be Refinished?

Not all hardwood can be refinished. In homes that have laminate or very thin hardwood, chances are that it cannot be refinished. In order to refinish hardwood, it does need to be real wood, it needs to be thick enough that it can be sanded down or altered, and it also needs to be in good enough shape that it can be used again.

With hardwood that is too thin, warped, or just not usable, you may have to have it replaced. Your refinisher can help you determine if your hardwood can be refinished and what your options are in terms of rejuvenating your hardwood. If you are looking for hardwood flooring refinishing Denver, is a great option that can help you to get your floor back in great shape. Hardwood flooring is a pricey investment and you do want to make sure you are using it to the best of your ability and getting the most out of it possible.

Refinishing is a great option and if you do take the time to find the right refinisher, you can have some truly stunning floor that is going to look great and last for years to come.

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