3 Efficient House Cleaning Tips

Most of us think cleaning a home is easy to pull off if we do zone cleaning, which means you clean room by room. Doing it this way is too slow and can take forever. You do not want to spend three to four hours just cleaning your kitchen, do you? Wouldn’t you rather clean your home in four hours or less?

Too many people are caught up in cleaning one area such as the kitchen counters, inside cupboards, and the oven. Did you know that if you just dust, wipe, and vacuum, you’ll get things done a lot quicker?

In fact, most pros favor what they call task cleaning. You may walk a lot more than usual, but it is a win-win situation as you get to workout too. Plus, you’re already moving, so things will get done so much faster.

Is There a More Effective Way to Clean Your House Fast?

Most newbies to the cleaning game are not entirely sure whether they should dust, vacuum, or mop first. Often, we get involved in kitchen cleaning or worry about the state of the bathroom. This is not the way to give your home a thorough cleaning.

What we are talking about is to go with just three tasks that involve dusting, mopping, and vacuuming, and repeat these tasks in every room of your home, Doing things this way will ensure you do not feel like you are dumped into an endless cleaning cycle that does not seem to end.

Before we delve into how you would go about cleaning your home this way, we thought it would be wise to first plan how you will tackle your cleaning tasks.

First, you need to set up the cleaning equipment and tools you’ll use to get the job done. Whether it be a vacuum, mop, tote, bucket, or anything else that will assist you to clean your space. You do not want to waste time searching for tools as you go along as it will be counterproductive and slow you down.

Clearing Clutter Before Doing Cleaning

Before you even think about cleaning your space, pay a visit to every room and pick up any clutter. While you are at it, consider if there is anything that can be discarded for good.

We are about to discuss three efficient house cleaning tips and invite you to follow along.

Cleaning Tip Number One – Dusting Your Home Clean

We would like to apologize in advance for those of you who find dust a gross topic. The best way to describe it is to refer to dust as the dandruff of your home.

Dust comes from two key sources, external and internal. Externally, it would be all the dirt and grime that finds its way into your home from whatever source. Internally, it has a lot to do with dander from kids and pets, your hair, and skin.

Managing dust is the recommended way to minimize cleaning duties. Seal your doors and windows and reduce the accumulation for dander and dust this way. Place bristle door mats at your front entrance to catch most outside dirt before it gets dragged into your home.

Dealing with dust involves a bit of due diligence as you need to remove all items from the room you keep busy with, then use a dust cloth, mit, or the best vacuum for hardwood floors as a fast and effective way to get your flooring looking as good as new. It is easy to pull this off thanks to modern vacuums that are equipped with squeegees to collect the dirt and grime and even pet hairs.

Remember that the most efficient way to deal with dust is to work from top to bottom and give all the items you’ve removed a good run over before putting them back where they belong.

Cleaning Tip Number Two – Vacuuming

The secret to efficient and effective vacuuming is to run your preferred cleaning equipment the entire length of the area you intend to clean, doing so in a straight row. Move over to repeat the process in a different section. Make it a point to vacuum high traffic regions at least once a week.

When you have a lightweight vacuum, you can move faster and get your vacuuming duties done a lot faster. Shake out any area rugs outside to help reduce the time you’ll spend cleaning your carpets

Take it slow. This would apply to modern vacuums that have more power. Look forward to better results when you go slower as it allows your motor and brush to pick everything up.

Vacuum your sofa properly, which is easily achievable when you use the right tools and accessories, such as crevice tools and upholstery brush attachments.

Before you vacuum, ensure that your filter is clean and the dust bag is empty to allow enough room for new dirt. Your cleaning tasks will go a lot faster and the vacuum will last much longer.

Most of the modern vacuums have specific settings that are either too high or too low. When you vacuum hardwood, it’s best to set it for this purpose. Higher settings are perfect for deep pile carpeting while mid-range is ideal for low pile carpeting.

Cleaning Tip Number Three – Mopping

You may still recall the good old days when we made use of a string mop and bucket to get any floor cleaning done. For years, it used to be the only way people knew how to mop floors.

If it weren’t for the discovery of the best steam mops, we’d probably be using an olden-day spaghetti mop or maybe a reusable microfiber pad, which is not half bad.

Unlike most people would think, using soap with a mop is not the best cleaning method.

Also, if you’re using a microfiber mop, be sure to adhere to these guidelines:

  • Rinse the pads often and inspect the condition of the pads, every two sections of mopping.
  • Be sure to rinse your mop pads two to four times per floor.

There you have it, you’ve just discovered how to clean your space in the shortest time by focusing on three main tasks.

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