The Basic Steps Required to Preserve Your Wood Table

There are certain steps you can take to preserve your favourite wood table top, so it will remain in your family for generations. Consider taking action to maintain a dust-free surface, erase all watermarks, cover the wood with a glass top and add a coat of polish.

Dust Table

Dust particles can gather onto the wood surface of your table and scratch the finish. Consider dusting the table regularly, even if it has not been used, to remove all dust. The wood surface should be wiped down with smooth, lint-free material, such as a cheesecloth, microfiber cloth or even a clean old cut-up T-shirt. Avoid using polish on wood tables that contain silicone ingredients that will soak down into the wood and cause irreparable damage.

Erase Watermark

Watermarks can appear on the wood surface of your table if you place your drinks on it without using a coaster. The drinking glasses can sweat from the heat and leave a misty outline of the bottom of your glass on the table top. The watermark rings can be rubbed away using mayonnaise. Apply mayonnaise to a paper towel and apply it to the watermark for 15 minutes before wiping it off.

Add Glass Top

In order to preserve the wood surface of your table top from scratches, dings, dents or gouges, consider covering it with a tempered glass top. The tempered glass is durable and easy to clean. The glass tops are also a good choice because they do not absorb germs or moisture within the surface, which would potentially damage the wood. In addition, the glass surface is see-through, allowing you to still enjoy the beauty of the wood. For more information, contact A-1 Emergency Glass Service or a similar company.

Wood Sealant Coating

If you apply a sealant coating to your wood surface, it will protect the table top from possible scratches, scrapes and moisture. The sealants for wood are transparent and can accentuate the beauty of the wood by providing a smooth shiny surface to the table top. However, if you use the wood table for meals, it is essential that you use a food-safe sealant coating. Instead of using a polish as a sealant, try carnauba wax. It does not contain silicone and the wax can be added to the surface using a lint-free cloth.

If upon inspection of your wood table you notice that it already has a several scratches and dents, consider having it repaired by a local tradesmen who specialise in wood treatment. The contractor should also be able to add a sealant coating to the table top once the repair work has been completed.


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