How To Keep Your Granite Kitchen Countertops Looking Like New

Like anything else in your home, no matter how well-made it may be, granite countertops can start to fade and lose their luster as time goes on. And, of course, like anything else, the best way to maintain granite’s natural luxurious beauty is through routine maintenance and care.

Let’s be honest, all kitchen counters will begin to look more faded the older they get. But granite is particularly susceptible to wear and tear and a lack of preservation can be quickly noticeable on this type of material. That’s because granite has some basic necessities for helping maintain its appearance for the long term.

So for those of you who either have granite in their kitchens already or might be contemplating having it installed, here are some sure-fire tips for keeping those kitchen countertops looking like new.

The Ways To Keep Granite In Top Shape

Among the many misconceptions about granite is the idea that its not vulnerable to wear and tear like other kitchen components such as cabinets short pump va. Most people think since granite is not delicate and it isn’t prone to losing some of its natural aesthetic.

But, of course, granite is a stone, and it needs to be taken care of properly so as to continue remaining durable and luxuriously attractive. It’s up to you to keep that natural beauty intact and that can be done through a number of various methods.

Routine Care

By routine, we’re talking about daily attention and care to ensuring that the countertop is clean and free from harmful germs, bacteria, spills, and stains. Your granite countertop has been manufactured using a special sealant process to ensure the visual allure of the stone.

But spills and the like can permeate that sealant over time and that can lead to spills getting into the pores of the material. This may all be avoided by just simply wiping the surface of the granite clean with a simple mix of water and dish soap. Using a non-abrasive cleanser and soft, clean cloth, you can combine clean water with a dish soap of your choice.

Put the two together, shake well, and spray the granite countertop surface. Wipe and rinse, then dry it off with a separate clean towel or washcloth. Doing this at least once a day will help to preserve the integrity of the sealant and the stone underneath to keep your countertop looking as fresh as the day it was installed.

Granite Do’s And Dont’s

Cleaning is just one part of the equation. There are other steps you should take, and some you must avoid, to help maintain the look of your granite countertop for as long as you own it. Following these steps will surely be beneficial in the long run.

What To Do

Granite countertops are built to be reliable and sturdy and the way you treat yours can help keep it durable and long-lasting. So here are some of the things you should do on a regular basis:

1. Clean Up Messes

Besides wiping it down with soapy water, be sure to tend to spills and other messes that occur on the countertop immediately. This will prevent anything from soaking into the pores of the stone and stop stains from setting in.

2. Get Out The Cutting Board

Never ever cut food or other items directly on the surface of the granite. Place a cutting board down first and perform all of your knife work on that instead. Not only will you preserve the surface of the granite, you will also save your expensive knives from becoming dull quicker.

3. Granite Cleansers

Cleaning your countertop with soap and water each day can help eliminate harmful bacteria, but it can also leave the granite looking streaked and foggy. So search for a good granite cleanser that will leave nothing but a fancy shine behind every time.

What Not To Do

You know what to do, now here are the things you should take care to avoid at all costs.

1. Direct Heat

Even though granite is a stone, it can still react to extreme temperatures in an adverse manner. So when you’re pulling that hot pan off the stove, place it on a silicone pad or towel and avoid putting it on the granite surface. That can easily scratch the material.

2. Climbing Up On The Countertop

The kitchen is one of the most popular places in the home and when guests or friends come by, its easy to congregate there. That might leave some to think they can hop up on the counter and sit there while you entertain for the evening. This is a bad idea. Undue pressure in the form of someone sitting or even standing on your countertop can lead to scratches or cracks in the surface.


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