Making Your Kitchen Pop with an Added Backsplash

The backsplash is an important part of your kitchen. For practical purposes, it keeps food and water from splashing up from your oven, which protects your wall from any kind of damage. From a decorating standpoint, the backsplash can be a focal point of your kitchen and help your kitchen look amazing. If you do not have a backsplash or you have a very outdated one, you may want to consider upgrading your kitchen.

Types of Backsplashes

There are many different materials that can be used for backsplashes. Vinyl, glass, and even wallpaper have been used. However, the most popular, as well as the most durable, is tile. Tile backsplashes can be done easily and will help you to save money and look beautiful. There are many different designs that you will be able to choose from.

Choosing Your Design

Take a look at your kitchen and the colors of your kitchen. You will want to find something that stands out but does not clash terribly. A subtle color change is ok, but you do not want to put bright pink tiles in your kitchen. Take your time and figure out the color scheme and then you can start to look at design ideas. Consider going with patterns like the Daltile octagon and dot pattern. These patterns will make your kitchen look amazing as well as being easy to clean.


Make sure that you set a budget for your backsplash. Also, take into consideration whether you will be installing the backsplash yourself or hiring someone else to do it. Setting a budget will help you to know what tile you can purchase and help you to save money. Remember to add shipping costs and taxes into your budget.


Once you have chosen the design of your tile, you will want to figure out how the installation process will go. If you are handy, you can easily install the tile yourself. If you are not sure how to, you can always look up videos on YouTube of how the installation goes and you can also contact a friend to help you go through with the installation. If you are not comfortable doing the backsplash installation yourself, look for a tile expert in your area that can install the tile for you. Make sure that they have good reviews from others that have used them in the past. You do not want to hire someone who does not know how to install tiles properly.

Installing a backsplash in your kitchen will give your kitchen an all-new look and feel. You can find backsplash tiles that enhance the overall feel of your kitchen. Remember to take your time and figure out what works best with your kitchen, as once the tiles are installed, they are hard to remove. Installing the backsplash will also increase your home’s overall value and make it more appealing if you were to sell it. Consider adding a backsplash to your kitchen today.


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