Make a Splash by Doing Your Own Kitchen Faucet Installation

If you are a homeowner, you continually need to make decisions about house repairs and maintenance. Your comfort-level can determine whether you take on a job or call in an expert. However, one challenging task that most people can undertake and find is that of replacing a kitchen faucet. Consider the following basic steps to see if this is a job for you.

Set Up Your Lifelines

Before you begin, make certain to have handy the number of a trusted local plumber, just in case you uncover unforeseen plumbing issues during installation. Some jobs, such as soldering copper pipe or plumbing excavation Loudoun County, are necessarily left to experts. And while you are at it, take note of your local hardware store in case you need parts or tools after referencing on the included instructions. Finally, take the time to look over online instructional videos.

Prepare for the Installation

Turn off the water supply in the wall or basement. Carefully disconnect the plumbing under the sink. After disconnecting the old plumbing remove the existing faucet and any attached parts, including spray gun and separated handles. Take note of the number of sink openings and the distance of each from center-to-center. Do this to confirm that your new pieces will fit, and decide whether you will use a deck plate (escutcheon) to cover some of the holes if you have more holes than faucet appendages.

Complete the Task

Lay everything out. Look over the diagram and check you have all parts. Wrap Teflon tape around hose threads and make connections only if they will fit through the holes when assembled; mark hot and cold lines. Soften and apply plumber’s putty to the bottom of the deck plate and mount it, then slide faucet and its separate handles and spray gun onto place. Carefully tighten all connections by hand, then use wrenches to set further. Turn on the cold water supply and check for leaks. Tighten as necessary, then repeat for the hot-water line.

Working systematically you can install a new kitchen faucet. When finished, you can take pride in your accomplishment.

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