6 tips to plan a low budget and low maintenance landscape

The landscaping designs can be as costly as you want them to be but they can be budget and pocket frineldy as well. all you need to do is to pay attention to what you want and plan properly. Once you have a design layout as to what is required for your landscape, you are going to enjoy the low maintenance and low budget lawn of yours. The professionals from Landscape Design Mornington Peninsula Vic can help you best on this affair. Just give them a call and see the magic.

On the other hand, for the DIY enthusiasts, we have a six step process that can help them do everything by their own hands and enjoy.

  1. Ask yourself about the available time. how much time can you dedicate for your lawn care and maintenance out of your busy schedule. You will have to do the tasks of mowing, planting, pruning, watering, weeding, raking, snow shoveling and several other seasonal chores. Are you ready for that?
  2. Ask yourself, what you need from your lawn? Do you want it to be a place only for sitting or playing for the kids? Or you want to use if for partying and barbequing? Whatever you want, list it up and then move on to the next step.
  3. Ask yourself what you want in the yard? do you want fences and garden furniture too? So you want vegetables patches and planters as well? would there be some posts for basketball etc.?
  4. Choose a small area of lawn for gardening and leave the rest only with the grass. This will require less time to be taken care of. The area that you are using as a garden, you can put some good yet compact lawn furniture in it as well.
  5. Choose the systems for the yard that are low budget as well as require least maintenance. For example, you could save a lot of your time on watering by choosing the water sprinklers that work on their own and once the timer is out, they turn of themselves. Landscape Design Mornington Peninsula Vic can prove helpful.
  6. Choose the plants that require minimal maintenance and keep growing on their own. Choose the plants wisely so that the lawn looks filled, yet there are not a lot of plants to take care of. Make combinations of big and small sized plants for easy maintenance.

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