How to Pick a Great Local Moving Company  

You live in Melbourne, Australia and you need to move your residence. You have been looking for a removalist company and have realised that finding a good one is not that easy. They all look similar, but you’re sure some are much better than others. How do you tell the difference? The good news is that there is a list of criteria you can use to judge whether the furniture removalists Melbourne has to offer are ones you should hire. Here are the qualities you should look for in a removalist company.


When a company is responsive it means that when you have questions and need to discuss something about the move, they respond to you quickly and answer your questions thoroughly. When you decide to place trust in a company to move your belongings, it is likely you will have lots of questions and even concerns about the job they are going to do.

Good Melbourne removalist companies expect potential clients to call several times with questions about their background, past work, size of the company, common types of insurance they have, and the level of experience of the workers. They should be ready to provide any paperwork and references to previously satisfied customers. If the company that you are speaking with does not get back to you in timely manner or with holes in key information, this is an indication that you’re approaching the wrong company for your move.


Any company you consider for your move should treat you professionally at all times. This means they should be respectful to you when you ask questions and are happy to make sure that you are comfortable with any aspect of your move. In terms of the movers that arrive at your home, they should be neat and tidy wearing company uniforms, should be respectful to you and your family, and should understand how to do their jobs extremely well.

In the event that you find a mover is not professional, you should tell the workers to stop, and call the company and let them know that you do not feel comfortable having unprofessional workers handling your personal belongings.


The right removalist company will come to your home prepared with everything they need to make sure you have a smooth and safe move. This includes boxes and packing tape if needed, trolleys and other means to carry boxes and furniture, and any other necessary equipment that is required to safely move your delicate and valuable items out of your home and into the moving truck.

Some companies do not invest in equipment to help with the move, instead they rely on the strength of the workers to lift and balance your furniture. If you see this happening, you should request that they bring in moving equipment like trolleys in order to avoid any damage to your furniture. If they do not have this moving equipment, it is a good indication that they are simply not prepared and you should not take the risk that some of your furniture might get damaged. You should call the office immediately and let them know that you are not comfortable with how they are moving your belongings.

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