Packing Tips For a Cross Country Move

You have probably been trying to postpone this day, but the time has finally come when you must start packing for your move. Here are some tried-and-tested tips to make this process less stressful and frustrating. 1. Put together two lists In most cases, it doesn’t make sense to move all of your household items. Lots of things can be discarded as you won’t be using them anyway. Others are too bulky and costly to move. Start the packing process by auditing your cabinets and closets and putting together a list of belongings that should be disposed of and the ones that should be delivered to a new place. 2. Get packing materials Your movers can charge a whole fortune when you won’t be supplying your own cardboard boxes. At a time when almost everyone is struggling with the rent, there must be a way to save some dollars. Frequent nearby shops and ask whether they can give you empty cardboard boxes. Most of the time, you’ll easily get as many of those as you need for free. 3. Start way in advance Packing is one of those tasks that are better done if planned down to each box. Now that you know which items you want to take to your new place and have the packing materials for them, start the actual packing. It’s a good idea to start as early as a month before your moving day by packing items that you are least likely to use. 4. Label all of your boxes It’s literally a nightmare trying to figure out which box contains what once they are all taped and ready to be loaded. Some boxes should go to the bottom of the truck while others should be handled more carefully. Label all of your boxes on at least two sides. Also, labeling is going to save you loads of time upon arrival to your new home. 5. Use small and big boxes smartly Moving experts recommend filling big boxes with lightweight items. At the same time, heavy stuff should be distributed across smaller boxes. Oftentimes, big boxes loaded with heavy stuff break and you have to start all over again. 6. Fill the drawers Drawers, suitcases, cabinets – all of them offer precious space. Do not leave them empty before loading them onto the truck. Clothes and linen would be the perfect items to store in these places during transportation. You will be saving a ton of space and dollars. 7. Pack fragile items and valuables Cash, keys, credit cards and documents should be put in a separate bag which you can carry with you on the moving day. Pack these items separately early on so you won’t have to go through the contents of each box to find where your keys are. Fragile items like china, pictures, musical instruments, etc. must be taken extra care of. In fact, you should talk to your movers about how to pack and load them securely. 8. Use trash bags Winter clothes and linen can be packed in the trash bags which would save you space in the truck. Soft bags will adjust their shape and you’ll end up maximizing the space and loading more items into each truck. 9. Get ready on time to save your budget However long the packing takes you, try to plan everything in a way that all is done by the time your movers are supposed to come. They charge per hour and you definitely don’t want to be snowed under the last-minute expenses before starting a new life.

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