the art of cutting

Cutting is an art

For almost a century, Caleyron has been the privileged partner of companies that have to solve a problem of cutting. Caleyron accompanies its customers in their projects by designing and manufacturing cutting tools that correspond exactly to their needs. Over time, this partnership has made Caleyron the essential specialist in cutting tools. The very high level of performance of its saw cutters and circular knives has made this French family business one of the world leaders in quality tools. The major asset at Caleyron is the adaptability and the very wide range of dimensions, compositions and finishes of the tools manufactured. For each type of cut, Caleyron’s teams of experts study the material to be cut, the different sections of the parts and the machines on which the tools will be adapted. This is true of the precision and the quality of the cut envisaged.

Caleyron saw cutters

Each saw cutter that comes out of Caleyron’workshops corresponds to a hardness and a thickness studied according to the material to be cut. It can also be delivered with steam treatment to prevent sticking and improve lubrication. According to DIN 1837 and DIN 1838, the cutters are made of high-speed HSS or HSS-E steel and are coated after machining with different surface coatings such as titanium nitride or chromium nitride to optimize their service life. The materials used are adapted very finely to the materials to be cut according to an individualized protocol corresponding exactly to each customer’s problem. The range of Caleyron saw cutters is also particularly well studied. The dimensions range from a diameter of 20 mm to a diameter of 600 mm and the thicknesses of the blades from 0.2 mm to 6 mm in order to be very close to all needs. The teams of specialists working at Caleyron are familiar with all requests and study each industrial need to provide the appropriate response. Quality controls are very strict and this is what makes Caleyron so successful among slitting saw manufacturers around the world. The French manufacture of these cutting tools is a pledge of quality never denied.

Caleyron circular knives

For the cutting of materials such as cardboard, paper, rubber or plastic for example, but also textile or leather, Caleyron produces a very wide range of circular knives in high-speed steel. These circular knives are adapted to each case both by the geometry of the teeth and by that of cutting bevels. Coatings intended to improve the cutting process and the life of the knife are also affixed to the boards according to the user’s project.The circular knives are made by Caleyron with a simgle bevel, a double bevel and if necessary with a top land, always in order to be in perfect adequacy with its application. Circular knife coatings are also particularly studied between chromium nitride, titanium nitride, aluminum titanium nitride, titanium carbonitride or aluminum chromium nitride to adapt to each hardness and thickness. Every manufacturer who has something to cut can trust Caleyron, certain to find his cutting tool in a quality and longevity foolproof.

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