Things To Consider Before The Moving Day

Moving may be tough, overwhelming, and even stressful at times. You have to sort boxes, make sure everything’s properly labeled, sort out things to bring and to give to charity or sell, find the right moving company, and so on. The list never seems to end – and for some people, it gets even more difficult when moving day comes. We understand how hard it is to prepare for the big day and how tougher it’s going to be when you’re going to move. However, we’ve prepared some tips for you to help make moving day easier for you. Here are some important things to take into consideration before you move out:

Early To Bed, Early To Rise

You may hear this many times, but packing should be done a few weeks before the moving day. This gives you enough time to make sure that all your belongings are properly sorted and packed. As hard as it may sound, you shouldn’t be cramming your packing the night before you leave. Make sure that you prepare for the moving day before your scheduled date, and the only thing that you’ll pack the night before are your essentials – which shouldn’t take your entire night.

Take your night off, go to bed early so you can get up early while you wait for the moving company to arrive. This way, you’ll have enough time to have breakfast, double check your boxes, pack the other essentials that you’ve used this morning, and get ready to leave. The last thing that you want to happen on this day is for your movers to have to wake you up.

Charge All Electronics, Especially Your Phone

Make sure that everything is charged. The last thing you want to have is a phone with a dead battery, and you can’t contact your movers, or vice versa, just in case they have to communicate something with you. You also want to make sure that you have enough battery to last you the entire trip while you get in touch with your loved ones, or use it for entertainment purposes during the long drive or flight. If you have a power bank, make sure that it is charged as well – and don’t forget that your chargers don’t go into the moving truck. It stays in your bag, with all the other essential belongings.

You may also want to make sure that your tablet or laptop is charged, just if you wanted to do some quick reading while waiting or while on the road. It never hurts to bring a book or two with you or listing to your favorite music from your laptop, phone, or tablet.

Prepare A Night Bag

This includes things you would need on your first night – a fresh pair of underwear, clothes, hygiene products, toiletries, utensils, etc. Moving day tends to get longer as the day drags. Most of the time, you’ll arrive at your new home before the movers arrive, which means that you have to have an extra set of fresh clothes and essential supplies before all your belongings arrive. If that’s not the case, you may then find yourself exhausted after the big move, and you don’t have the energy to unpack all the boxes on the same day. Thus, the night bag. This comes in handy and serves as your emergency bag regardless of what happens; you have your essentials, fresh clothes, blankets, toiletries, and utensils that you can use on the first night after the move.

Get The Cleaning Supplies Ready

When you’re packing, make sure that you also prepare a separate bag for your cleaning supplies. The first thing you’d want to do once you arrive at the place is to make sure that everything’s spotless and clean (next to getting a good rest, of course). While you have to make sure that the house is already clean even before you move is essential, there will be times that the place can get dusty after a few days of cleaning – so it doesn’t hurt to have the cleaning supplies ready when you have the energy to unpack.

All The Paperwork And Valuables Should Go With You

Do not pack any important paperwork and valuables and load them into the van. Just like your essentials and overnight bag, it should go with you. Documents may get lost while you unpack all of your boxes, which is why it is never a good idea to load them in the truck.


Moving is overwhelming – we all know that by now. It’s a lot to process, there are tons of things to prepare, and sometimes, stress and anxiety just kick in the way. By doing all of these things listed above, we hope that it can make moving day easier and less stressful for you.

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