Eradicating Scorpions: All That You Need to Know

The image of a scorpion can strike the fear in the hearts of many people. Their venomous quick tails, painfully stabbing bites, and sometimes deadly poison combine to make them into a dangerous predator. Fortunately, although all scorpions are poisonous, usually their poison is only powerful enough to kill small animals or insects. However, there are different breeds of scorpions that can kill people with their poison.

The Arizona bark scorpion is the only scorpion breed in the United States that is deadly to humans. These small light brown creatures only grow to about 2 or 3 inches, even as adults. They can climb walls, hang upside down on ceilings, and tend to spend the winter together in groups, making them particularly dangerous when they are in your home. Although many people survive their stitches, they can be deadly. Seek immediate medical attention if you are stung. The Scorpion Killers are there with the essential supports now.

Fat-tailed Scorpion

The fat-tailed scorpion, which is usually found in Central and North Africa, can be deadly human with a single stitch. There is no antidote available, and people usually die within two hours. These scorpions want to live in the vicinity of people and often hide in holes in walls. Although few people survive, some have lived immediately after receiving medical care.

Brazilian Yellow Scorpion

Although not as deadly as the Arizona bark scorpion or the fat-tailed scorpion, the Brazilian yellow scorpion has been known to kill children under the age of seven. In addition, stimulus often causes severe inflammation of the pancreas, even in his older victims.

Deathstalker Scorpion

Despite its small size and weak scissors, the Deathstalker scorpion is one of the deadliest scorpions on earth. Found in the dry areas of the Middle East and North Africa, poison of the scorpion can cause excruciating pain, fever, seizures, paralysis and often coma or even heart failure. Older adults and young children are at greatest risk of death, although the Deathstalker scorpion is dangerous for all people. Interestingly, scientists are studying the toxins in the hope of finding treatments for brain cancer and diabetes.

The content in the poison of the neurotoxic polypeptides promotes temporary anesthesia of the site of the bite and the cessation of the normal functioning of the central nervous system. For the human body, not so much the composition of the poison, as the swelling of the brain and possible paralysis is dangerous. This effect can have a poison of only 25 representatives of scorpions throughout the world. It is noteworthy that the poison itself does not have any effect on the scorpion itself. Symptoms of bite It is important to know the main signs of the bite of the yellow scorpion and the stage of the spread of the poison in the blood.

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