6 Top Plumbing Skills on Demand

Plumbing work is not only addressing the toilet clogging issues at home which is one of the easiest do-it-yourself projects. A homeowner will always need help from skilled plumbers for their home so this role is always on demand.

Aspiring plumbers must know the essential skills they should possess before they begin their training so they will be more aware of what kind of job they will be signing up for. If you are one of them, these skills below are the ones you should consider:

Physical Fitness

This kind of job demands physical fitness because a plumber needs to squeeze in narrow spaces, lift some heavy tools, work at heights and extreme temperatures.

You need to be in good shape also for safety purposes because you sometimes need to bend, crawl, climb, and lift heavy equipment.

Can follow plumber safety procedures

It is important to know and apply the plumber safety procedures or else you are going to put yourself, your colleagues, and your clients in danger.

Plumbing tasks require handling chemicals, lifting heavy tools and equipment, climbing at high places, accessing confined spaces, and working in a wet environment where you will be prone to accidents.

It is advisable to always keep these safety procedures in mind and follow them. Fortunately, this is included in plumber training but you still need to be vigilant throughout your career.

Knowledge of new plumbing trends and technology

A plumber must be willing to continue learning and upgrade his skills because technology upgrades, too. New plumbing trends require new plumbing skills to serve the customers more efficiently.

Sometimes, customers want to install high-tech fixtures in their kitchen, bathroom, and laundry areas like washlet, hands-free faucets, digitally controlled showers, bathtubs, and personalized lighting that needs the latest service offer. So a plumber should be willing to be trained for the new plumbing technology.

Understands basic mathematics and blueprints

Blueprints is an essential guide to provide the best installation plan of the pipes, fixtures, and appliances. An aspiring plumber must understand drawings to locate the main connections to plan the best routing of pipes and install fixtures correctly.

Another requirement is knowledge of basic math to produce viable estimates for the project costs and do some simple calculations that the customer may also ask. So having this skill is another great reason to gain customer’s trust.

Knows how to use hand and power tools

Plumbers will use a wide variety of tools and equipment to perform a job well-done in the plumbing business. You have to know their function and purpose, as well as fine motor skills to work with them. They are plumbers’ best friends to properly install fixtures, repair the damage, and make the task a lot easier.

Keep in mind as well that you are also accountable for your equipment’s cleanliness, inspection, repair, and replace them if necessary. Do not go to the homeowner’s house without inspecting your tools and equipment for safety purposes.

Excellent customer service skills

There will be many inevitable chances that a customer will be difficult to deal with and a plumber must know how to respond respectfully and professionally. Sometimes it will be challenging to talk to the customer while being knowledgeable with the right procedure and solution for their plumbing issues. Fortunately, you can choose to stay professional in the way you communicate with them.

Aside from communicating professionally, you also have to present yourself professionally like being on time, wearing a clean uniform, clearly explain the work that you will do, asking their permission when you need to access some space in their house, cleaning and organizing your tools and area of work after you are done with the job, and through answering their questions with patience.

This skill is also the backbone of the plumbing businesses because if you cannot gain your customer’s trust, there are fewer chances that they will avail of your services. So for you to have repeat business and referrals, you must learn to have a healthy relationship with customers through this skill.

Finally, these skills on demand are a great guide to your future career as a professional plumber. They may be challenging but dedication and hard work for this role will make your career worthwhile as you see the result of your professional services to the customers.

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