Create a Tranquil Spot of Your Own

Build a piece of heaven in your own backyard with a pond. The rhythm of the waterfall, the ripple of the vegetation in the window and the fish swimming under the surface can relax you and give you peace of mind. Here are a few things you will need to do to start your own private oasis.

Start With a Liner

Once you have a hole dug, you will want to make sure to clear away any sharp objects or plants that might grow up through it and puncture it. Liners are difficult to remove and replace when they are cracked or torn. Make sure it is out in the sun if you are going to have fish and is deep enough to keep them warm in the winter. Fish will need a larger pump to keep running 24 hours to keep them safe in their new home. Consider purchasing a kit that includes all the pieces you need to assemble your pond to make your task simpler.

Build a Waterfall

A waterfall is not only beautiful but also cleans the water. Pond aerators and fountains recycle the water and produce the fall effect which adds oxygen to it. The constant motion of the water wards away algae that can ruin your pond and mosquitoes that can be a health hazard to you and your family. Also, the babbling sound of the water can help you relax.

Add Foliage

Adding vegetation and rocks to make the pond look more natural and protect the liner. A curb around it keeps the water from escaping when you get a hard rain. A two-inch curb should keep the water from flooding your lawn while it retains it in the pond. With these few steps, you can enjoy your piece of heaven in no time.

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