Smart Options at the pool Now

You have just acquired a swimming pool? What happiness! To prolong the pleasure, it is now necessary to enter it. Cleaning a pool, wintering, water treatment … We tell you everything about how to best manage your pool.

  1. Simplify cleaning

In high season, cleaning must be done at least once a week. Broom, vacuum or robot: three options to get rid of leaves, insects and other waste, while increasing the effectiveness of treatment products. Manual cleaning is carried out using a net for leaves left on the surface and a broom for the waste that has fallen to the bottom of the pond (sand, gravel, etc.), but it is a long and tedious. The cure: an automatic cleaning with a vacuum cleaner, a pressure washer or a robot.

Unlike household vacuum cleaners, these latest generation appliances operate autonomously. In the case of the robot, it happens to be sufficient to pre-program its shape and dimensions of the pool: it then cleans the entire pool in a minimum of time, from the bottom to the walls, from the water line to the stairs. For simplified maintenance, choose a model equipped with a prefilter or a leaf trap. The options are always there are also.

  1. Choosing the right treatment

Most products (Arch Chemicals, Bayrol, Mareva, Waterair, Zodiac …) perform several functions at the same time: they disinfect, fight against algae, and have a flocculating action. Others also clean the filter, which is more economical and simplifies the task. Even more practical, kits include all the necessary products for a given period of time and for a defined volume of water (disinfection, pH correction, etc.).

To know

In addition to the chlorine or bromine treatment, the installation of an ozonator makes it possible to halve the consumption of disinfectant products, reduce the hardness of the water and prolong the life of the installation. Indeed, housed in the technical room, this unit transforms oxygen into ozone and disinfects water in a natural way.

  1. Treat the water effectively

In season, the pool requires a weekly treatment, even every two days if it is very hot: pH check (which must be between 7.2 and 7.6) and possible correction, flocculant diffusion to clarify the water, disinfection … When you cannot be present every day, it is better to opt for multifunctional disinfectants slow diffusion (offered by all major brands).

  1. Keep the water at a temperature

To extend the season or simply increase comfort, the installation of a heater is required.

An electric heater

This is the simplest solution: water circulates inside the unit, placed on the discharge pipe and heats up in contact with the heating elements.

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