Fine Opportunities For the Roofing Process

Slate and bituminous roof can be repaired with minimal capital investment. The main thing is to stick to the right coating repair technology.

Repair of shingles

Bitumen shingles in the case of damage is fairly easy to replace, but it should be done at an air temperature above 5 ° C, since in the cold the material from which this roofing is made becomes fragile.

If the tile is intact, but there are small cracks on the surface, it is lifted, the rear side is smeared with glue-mastic for bituminous shingles and pressed for several minutes to the base. After that, cover with glue and the front side. The Gryphon roofing Phoenix Company is the perfect option there.

If the integrity is broken completely, the tile will have to be replaced. To do this, trowel or wide chisel and raise the sheet, located over the damaged part, and the latter carefully removed. The nails with which the shingles were attached are removed. On the inside of the new tile, glue is applied, inserted under the top sheet and nailed with a galvanized nail with a wide bonnet. The edges of the tiles, located in the upper and lower rows, are glued with glue and pressed against the surface.

Repair of slate roofing

  • The most difficult thing in repairing a slate roof is not to damage the cover when moving on the roof. In this case, use a special ladder, which distributes the weight over a large area.
  • The chips and cracks in the slate are covered with a solution of the 1 st part of the cement and 2 parts of fine sand or glue on them butyl rubber tape with a crack overlap of 3-5 cm.
  • To achieve better adhesion, the bonding site is treated with a solvent, for example, white spirit, after having cleaned the impurities from it.
  • Repair tape is designed for those cases when the roof is planned to be painted afterwards, as the patch will be noticeable on the surface.
  • Hats of nails with which slate sheets are nailed are covered with metal paint to avoid corrosion.

The peculiarity of the slate roof is that it is very easy to damage, so you cannot remove snow and ice from the roof with metal and even wooden shovels, various scrapers. It is cleaned only with soft brushes or brooms.The carpet material is often polyester, impregnated with a special modifier. In contrast to the lining, the outside is made of basalt granulate, giving the carpet the color of ordinary soft shingles. The opportunities are there and that is the reason that you can have the best deals here. Fine deals are surely there for you. The results are there.

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