7 Towing and Transport Benefits of Using a Tilt Tray Truck

Tilt tray trucks ensure that your vehicle is transported in a hassle-free and safe manner.

No one is safe from breakdowns and accidents. Sometimes, they just happen at any given time and place. In such emergency situations, you would need the help of a fast and reliable towing service.

You can easily be confused with the different kinds of towing options, so it would be best if you’d familiarize yourself with such.

Of the many towing options, one that is most tried and tested for towing and transport is the tilt tray truck. To know more about it, this article will discuss seven of its top benefits. After reading this, you will easily be able to determine if a tilt tray truck will be the best solution, should a need ever arise.

Tilt Tray Truck 101

Also knows as a flatbed truck or rollback, a tilt tray truck is a massive towing vehicle. It is preferred by many because rather than dragging a vehicle, it carries a vehicle safely on its platform. It has a movable tray that can tilt at any angle, hence the name. It has a hydraulic system that allows it to reach the ground to load a vehicle safely onto its platform. A tilt tray truck has a winch rope that is used to pull vehicles up. The winch rope also secures the vehicle while placed on the tray.

Tilt tray trucks have a spacious front seating area that can carry as many as five passengers. Its regular size can carry three vehicles in one go. Tilt tray truck is preferred by most because it is very efficient and safe to use. People with expensive and large vehicles that require extra care favors the use of tilt tray trucks over other towing vehicles.

A tilt tray truck service will be best for you if…

  • You got into an accident where your car was placed in an awkward position or angle
  • You will be transporting multiple vehicles in one young-lo
  • You will be moving heavy machinery and shipping containers
  • You will be transporting luxury or high-end vehicles

7 Benefits as Reasons a Why Tilt Tray Truck Will Be The Best Choice For Your Needs

Clients that don’t want their vehicles dragged prefer tilt tray trucks. It provides people with more peace of mind because vehicles become truly free from experiencing more damage as the hook and chain method of other towing trucks can invite more accidents.

The following are the top reasons why people prefer tilt tray trucks over others:

  1. The Speed

With a tilt tray truck, your vehicle can be on the move in no time. In just minutes, your vehicle can be out of anywhere and transported to where you want it to be. No extra maneuvering will be required because a tilt tray truck will just need to adjust its flatbed to lift a vehicle off the ground. Your vehicle can be lifted in minutes and will be safely on the move in no time.

  1. No Additional Damage

If your car has already been through an accident, the last thing that you want is another damage. Cars, when damaged, become all the more delicate and in need of careful handling. After a breakdown or accident, a tilt tray truck can easily move your vehicle in the safest manner possible.

With a tilt tray truck, your vehicle need not be dragged on its two tyres as it will be safely nestled on a platform. It will not be exposed to the possibility of having physical and mechanical damages. Your vehicle will be free from dents, scratches, and complications on tyres, transmission, and linkage.

  1. No Accidents

The common towing method tends to obstruct a truck’s rear-view. Such an inconvenience can cause another accident. Your vehicle can also get detached while being towed.

You do not want such risks so it’s best to opt for a tilt tray truck that will ensure that your vehicle will not be exposed to such risks. With a tilt tray truck, drivers always have a clear view of the road as vehicles are safely transported.

  1. No Disconnection Mishap

Traditional towing trucks can encounter detachment accidents. Having your already damaged vehicle detached from a towing truck is one of the worst and thankfully rare, thing that you could happen. Numerous faulty factors can contribute to the probability of this scenario like uneven weight distribution, faulty hooks, and even irregular terrain.

Thankfully, your vehicle will be free from having to be exposed to such an accident if you will opt for a tilt tray truck. With a tilt tray truck, your vehicle will be safely and securely placed on a platform as it is being transported. You can totally relax and know that your vehicle is in good hands if you’d opt to use a tilt tray truck.

  1. Roomy Front Seat

Towing trucks normally can’t carry any additional passengers so vehicle owners have to get a separate ride for themselves. This is not the case with tilt tray trucks because they come with roomy front seats that can accommodate as many as five passengers. You can easily go on-board the very same tilt tray truck that is transporting your vehicle. You need not look for a different ride.

  1. Flexibility

Tilt tray trucks can be positioned at any angle. With such a mechanism, cars stuck in awkward angles and risky places like rivers and ditches can be easily lifted off. A tilt tray truck is so versatile, it can even get a car that is sandwiched between two vehicles with total ease. Regular towing trucks cannot do such with total ease, as careful maneuvering will be required. A tilt tray truck’s hydraulic boosted hoisting power allows it to be flexible and efficient in easily lifting off vehicles and transporting them to safety.

  1. Value for money

Tilt tray trucks can seem pricey but they are actually cost-effective given all the protection, security, and safety that it will provide to your vehicle. With one, you are sure to have no additional expense on additional accidents and damages.

Prioritize Vehicle Safety

Your number one priority should be your vehicle’s safety. There is no denying that a tilt tray truck is the best option when it comes to vehicle safety. If you’re after your vehicle’s safety, you should definitely opt for one. If you have needs for tilt tray service Perth, you can easily look for service providers online. For speed and efficiency, pick the most experienced service provider near your area.

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