If you are planning to open your own new trampoline park or to open a new trampoline park franchise, you are on the right page with the right piece of information. Here in this article, we have particularly mentioned our views about both opening a new franchise or owning your own trampoline park.


However, one must have surely experienced that start-up costs are usually remarkably higher for opening a franchise rather than starting a business from scratch. To select one brand for a franchise or to collaborate with an appropriate trampoline park supplier or a playground equipment supplier is questioned to.

What are the advantages of owning a franchise trampoline park?

The advantages of owning a franchise are as follows:

  • Widespread brand or company awareness
  • Access to an established audience base which otherwise could take years to build
  • Increased chance of success because one will use proven methods and products
  • Assistance with site selection, construction, financing, training, and opening of the location
  • Ongoing support for advertising and media, management, and more

Do own a franchise trampoline park have drawbacks?

It’s true that owning a successful brand franchise offers many benefits. However, when you operate a franchise, one is not completely independent. If one prefers to set your own rules, one might want to start your own trampoline park. Under franchise or any brand name, one also cannot choose your own trampoline park supplier or a playground equipment supplier.

When one has complete ownership of your business, one will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Freedom to choose the products and services you offer
  • No initial franchise fees
  • No ongoing royalty or advertising fees
  • Freedom to manage your business as you wish
  • No restrictive franchise agreement


Because trampoline parks appeal to all ages from children to adults, one will surely try to market your business to different age groups to maximize your revenue.

Other ways to market your indoor trampoline park are as follows:

  • Putting up signs and fliers throughout the neighborhood
  • Hand out brochures or media advertisements
  • Give away discounts and offer coupons to entice people to check out your trampoline park
  • Advertise on your own website and social media


Deciding wisely about whether to go for a franchise or to own your own trampoline park, one thing that must be kept in mind is to shortlist an ideal trampoline park supplier or a playground equipment supplier.

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