Preventing Water Damage in the Home

You returned home from a memorable weekend getaway only to be greeted by an unwelcome visitor in the home: flooding from a burst pipe. What do you do? Cleaning up after such a catastrophic event can be tedious. A water damage cleanup service Thornton CO will always come to your rescue. The restoration process is easier and fast with these specialists.

Water can flood into homes in many ways, but after the water dries up you have a lot of water damage restoration job that requires immediate attention. Deciding on the next line of action to take can be frustrating. Not to worry, we’ve outlined surefire ways to repair and prevent water damage in your home.

  1. Find Water Damage Source

Contain the damage by locating the water source. To do this, you should be aware of the different categories of water damage. These categories include clean water caused by leaky pipes and rainwater, gray water comes from dishwashers, toilets, and washing machines, and lastly black water which symbolizes filthy water from sewage.

While you can handle damages from clean water and gray water yourself depending on the size, it is recommended that you contact professional water damage cleanup service Thornton CO for damage caused by black waters. It is harmful and contagious.

  1. Keep the Affected Area Dry

Do not leave water damage to chance. Water damage if left unattended for a longer period causes costly damage. Mold and mildew develop in a flooded area after 24 hours, if the water is left standing.

To avoid this, get as much flood water out of the space as possible. Clean and wipe clean using your mop. Remove wet furniture and clothing to a dry spot. Place fans on wet areas, open doors, and windows to keep the area dry. If the water damage is extensive, consider renting a few industrial strength fans.

  1. Keep Moisture Out

Now that you’ve started with the cleanup, the next step is to inspect the home thoroughly for moisture. Check hidden spots like under floorboards for moisture. If water permeates these spaces, be sure to dry them out.

  1. Check for Mold

Congratulations on your new dry home. But have you considered how to go about the cleanup task? You should always look out for areas of water damage that may breed mold. If you see signs of mold growth, then you require the presence of water damage cleanup service Thornton CO

  1. Disinfect the Area

Water damage can be dangerous to the health of occupants in the home. To keep your family safe and protected from contamination, disinfect the area. This method gets rid of bacteria, viruses, and mold. Disinfect the surfaces and items that were in the affected area.

  1. Call Your Insurer

Extensive water damage repair in the home can be costly. Sometimes, the cost of fixing the damages might be above your means. If you are in a dilemma, consider contacting your insurance company to find out your options for assistance. Your insurance company will foot the bill, particularly when dealing with extensive water damage repairs.

  1. Replace Porous Materials

Replace affected belongings and drywalls. Remove and replace porous materials including wood, drywall, and more. If you are not dealing with extensive damage, then try to dry the area as quickly as possible.

If you need a water damage repair expert, call on water damage cleanup service Thornton CO quickly. They have what it takes to accommodate your issues.

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